Being a new mother has lots of exciting moments. Some chaotic. Some wildly fantastic. And some positively boring. Don’t allow these precious moments to pass without enjoying these fun things to do with your baby. They will only be a little once, and this bucket list is the real deal.

1. Go on a Bike Ride- Some exhilarating moments can be found when you hop on your bike and just ride. Strap your baby into a child-approved carrier and pedal into the sunset. They will giggle and coo as you pass trees, small bumps in the street, and rocks, water, and leaves. You will feel the wind on your faces and you will never again feel so alive and free.

2. Baby Wear- Baby wearing has many benefits, the most important being you get to cradle your little babes and hold them close to your heart. Whether you’re doing dishes or folding laundry, pick your baby up instead of lying them in a bouncy seat or rested in a high chair. Your baby will love to do these things with you.

3. Blow Bubbles- Babies are mesmerized by bubbles. They cost practically nothing and you can even make a solution with your own household ingredients. Blowing bubbles and allowing your child to pop them is a bonding experience that is magical and enchanting.

4. Play in Sand- If you can’t get to the beach then build a sandbox. Playing in the sand will provide hours of fun every day during a hot summer. You can add a baby pool and stay attended with your child as they play and cool off. Throw on your bikini and make a splash with watering cans, bowls, spoons and colanders. Let your baby play while you soak up some feel-good vitamin C and boost your mood naturally.

5. Go to the Zoo- It’s explorative fun to take your child to the zoo and it’s also a great activity that doesn’t cost much. Wear your baby in a sling and point to the animals and introduce them to your child. You will both be rewarded with many moments of laughter and happiness. And you’ll also experience the beauty of the animal kingdom, and the bond between the wild and her child.

6. Go on a Picnic- Grab a blanket and a basket and pack your favorite snacks and enjoy a mid-summer day with your babes. Picnics and outdoor ventures create blissful and carefree memories that you’ll remember forever. Bring a few books and a comfy pillow so that you can cuddle after playtime.

7. Go to the Library- You don’t have to worry about quiet time when you attend story time at your local library. Most public libraries offer child and baby sessions where story time is entertaining, and often includes juice and cookies for a sweet treat.

8. Go to the park- Swings and slides and trails. Oh my. It’s so much fun to go to the park with your child. Bring bottled water and a few snacks, along with some cars that your child can zoom down the slides. This is a great place to blow your bubbles. And don’t forget to push your baby high into the sky and let them soar. Swings are bliss to colicky babies and are a surefire way to relax them when they’re cranky or tired.

9. Berry picking– Check out the local berry farms in your area and travel with your child to pick your own ripened fruits. Wear your baby in a sling and let them pull the berries off the bush. It might be hot. You will do lots of bending. Bu you’ll always remember that one special day, when you leaned over their hair, and it smelled sweet like summer.

10. Exercise- There are many baby and parent classes offered at gym and rec centers. Join your local YMCA and reap the rewards of healthy living while you hold a yoga pose with your little one. After your class, you can cool off in the pool or go home and nap. Your baby will feel relaxed after bending and stretching their muscles, and you’ll relieve stress. It’s Zen.

There are many things you can do each day that will brighten your spirit and entertain your baby. If you pair these activities with some of your favorite hobbies you’ll find your time together is more valuable, rewarding, and magical. These will become the moments you cherish. And they cost next to nothing.

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