The following list is what kids really love to do. Typed diligently by my 7-year-old son. This list is legit and will help you and your kids have a happy summer.

1. Play– Kids like to play because they have lots of energy. They like to play tag and run around. And it’s fun with friends.

Tip: Even after a long day you can make time for play. Put the dishes off. Forget the laundry. And go outside with your kids.

2. Write– It’s fun to do because you can make your own book. And your own story.

Tip: Encourage daily writing with a journal. Ask your children to write a new short story each day or begin their own chapter book.

3. Read– Reading is exciting because it takes you to new worlds and places, and you learn words.

Tip: The library is free. Take your kids to the library at least once a month and stock up on books.

4. Play with pets– It’s fun to play with pets because they’re cute and jump around.

Tip: Even if you don’t have pets you can visit the animal shelter and visit with the stray. Bring along spare towels, comforters, and food for donations.

5. Take a bath- Because it is warm and you can play in the bath with water toys and bubbles.

Tip: Keep small parts out of the tub and never leave children unattended.

6. Swim- Swimming on a hot day feels good. You get to go underwater and see lots of things and you can jump in the water.

Tip: Apply SPF, purchase goggles and floaties if needed, and never leave your child unattended. Join the local pool if you don’t have a neighborhood HOA.

7. Vacation– Going new places and seeing new things is fun.

Tip: Even kids need to make a great escape every now and then. If you can’t plan a summer vacation for them, you can still make the summer months memorable by either taking short road trips or day trip adventures. It makes you feel like you’re out of your home.

8. Make brownies– After you make them you get to eat the brownies and when they are in the oven you can eat the batter and lick the spoon.

Tip: Make baking fun and include your child in the activity.

9. Build Building stuff with wood is fun because you can make cool stuff.

Tip: Home Depot offers a children’s building workshop on weekends. The event is free of charge and kids make simple crafts with child-sized tools. Contact your local store for details.

10. Build a fort– You sit down with your stuffed animals and pillows and can lay down in it too. They are good for sleepovers.

Tip: Fitted bedsheets work wonders over the backsides of chairs. Get as many pillows as you can.

Spending time with your child is probably the number one thing he loves most. Choose anything from this list, and do it today.

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