It’s a bucket list. A list composed of all the things you should do before you die. We decided to put a little time on your side so we made this list 100 things deep. See how many you can do today or put off till…

Things Every Woman Should Do While She Still Can

  1. Camp out in a treehouse
  2. Stomp on wine grapes
  3. Ride in a hot air balloon
  4. See the northern lights
  5. Ride a dolphin
  6. Travel to Italy
  7. Ride in a helicopter
  8. Take a cruise
  9. Skydive
  10. Sing karaoke
  11. Go to Paris
  12. Get married
  13. Ride an elephant
  14. Bungee jump
  15. Become a parent
  16. Ride a jet ski
  17. Go to New York
  18. Visit Hawaii
  19. Hold a snake
  20. Sleep in a haunted hotel
  21. Build a campfire
  22. Drive a racecar
  23. Write a book
  24. Ride in a limousine
  25. Send a message in a bottle
  26. Donate blood
  27. See a Broadway play
  28. Find true love
  29. Go canoeing
  30. Create a loving home
  31. See Yellowstone National park
  32. Get in your best shape
  33. See Stone Hedge
  34. Go white water rafting
  35. See the rainforest
  36. See an iceberg
  37. Travel to Greece
  38. Crash a wedding
  39. See the Sistine Chapel
  40. Chase a tornado
  41. Visit a fortune teller
  42. Go to Burning Man festival
  43. Say yes to your kids all day for one day
  44. Get a tattoo
  45. Play paintball
  46. Jump off a cliff
  47. Go on a blind date
  48. Have safe sex with a stranger
  49. Hold a monkey
  50. Ride a horse
  51. Milk a cow
  52. Drive through the Redwood forest
  53. Cover the bed in rose petals
  54. Visit your childhood home
  55. Go skinny dipping
  56. Be blonde
  57. Color your hair red
  58. Get a massage
  59. Have a professional facial
  60. Go without makeup for one week
  61. Own a piece of Tiffany jewelry
  62. Boil a lobster
  63. Eat an insect
  64. Walk on a nude beach
  65. Buy yourself flowers
  66. Learn to belly dance
  67. Learn a new hobby
  68. Treat yourself to new red lipstick
  69. Ride in a convertible
  70. Go without a bra
  71. Run through a field of flowers
  72. Tell your crush your feelings
  73. Play beach volleyball
  74. Do yoga
  75. Eat dinner at fancy restaurant alone
  76. Have a one-night stand
  77. Let your married friends update your dating profile
  78. Host a party
  79. Learn self defense
  80. Buy something you can’t afford, but really want
  81. Get your finances in order
  82. Sit at a bar alone
  83. Ride the train
  84. Live alone
  85. Pick up someone you think is attractive
  86. Get lost in the library
  87. Travel to a foreign country alone
  88. Go on an all-night date, and only kiss him goodbye
  89. Find the perfect little black dress
  90. Invest in a pair of killer heels
  91. Find your confidence
  92. Keep a journal
  93. Own chickens
  94. Learn to sew
  95. Learn one funny joke
  96. Pay it forward
  97. Let a child run his fingers through your hair
  98. Ride a camel
  99. Hire a singing telegram for someone you love
  100. Buy the Chanel bag


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