Let’s get rid of the hair here, and there, and here…and you know, there too. Here are 5 popular spots for laser hair removal. These areas beg to be silky. Wouldn’t you agree?

Best Places to Be Hairless



Once winter rolls around many women ditch their razors in favor for knee-high socks and leggings. While covering up is certainly a way to hide the fluff, it still needs maintenance unless you want that peachy feeling in your nightie or under a sexy dress.

Some women have extra coarse hair that resemble’s the texture of a man’s facial stubble. And that can just itch when it rubs against you under the sheets. Legs are by far one of the most popular places for laser hair removal and the largest area for treatment.


Our lips are sealed. You don’t wax anymore because you don’t have to once you opt for laser hair removal. Consider the time you spend waxing or even shaving (yes, women do it too) your face and you’ll see the value in zapping that facial hair goodbye. This small treatment area is quick and affordable and results are well worth it.

Bikini Area

Of course, you want to be hairless down there. Bikini bumps and rash can make maintaining your intimate parts difficult, especially when you like the trimmed and manicured style. While bikini waxing is always an option, many women avoid the service out of their fear of pain (this will just hurt for a sec) or because it might feel uncomfortable having someone applying wax like icing around your girly parts. Laser hair removal will rid you of the manicuring job so you’re ready to rock your favorite thong all year long.


Underarm hair is yet another popular spot for laser hair removal because nobody (well, some do) feel being shaggy right there is just the pits. And let’s face it, underarm hair grows like a weed. Stop using your razor day in and day out and opt for underarm hair laser removal. Raise your hand if you agree.


If you’ve made the semi-permanent move to microbladed eyebrows (in other words, upped your eyebrow game) then the next best step is to remove all that pesky hair below and above your perfected brow. Eliminate eyebrow waxing for all eternity and rejoice, for you are now practically perfect in every way. You just need some lashes.

Contact Moore Beauty to get rid of that hair down there with laser hair removal, and everywhere else in between.




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