Divorce. Such a dirty little world most of us never hope to speak within our marriage. But, the progression of unhappiness through the marital bond can inevitably cause a partner to file, regardless of the mutually shared high hopes. Here are 5 reasons you should for a divorce from your partner, and screw the vow-inevitably.

Lying and Cheating

Intolerable behaviors such as lying and cheating are perfectly good reasons to file for a divorce. Who wants to be with someone untrustworthy, let alone risk their own safety and health to allow their selfish partner to fulfill their sexual needs? If your marriage is based on lies, mistrust, and misinformation, you might find peace in life from removing this manipulative relationship from your future.

Hiding Money

Unless he’s saving for a vacay, your marriage partner should never have secret money stashes. The exception to this would be an account set up for his children. All parents deserve the right to provide adequately for their kids and if you demand he turns in his entire paycheck to you, he might save a few for his kids on the side. A provider that is saving money for good cause should be allowed the opportunity to explain himself within reason.


If your communication style involves a hammer, your possessions, and the walls of your home, it’s time to kick abusers to the curb with a get out of my life divorce doctrine. Everyone has a right to feel safe, valued, and loved. If your partner has temper issues they might result in divorce. Walk out.

No Shared interests

Marriage is a long road. Before you tie the know you should ensure that you and your partner have enough in common to take the long road. If over time, you find yourself consistently bored and can’t dare to be in his presence for another 10 minutes, it might be the time you sever ties and follow your true heart desires.

Lack of Respect

A lack of respect for a partner usually takes place over a long, continuous, and devaluing cycle. If you’ve both come to bat with your hurtful words, lack of boundaries, and accusations, it’s probably best to slip out. Lack of respect invites every single other trouble imaginable into your relationship. If you can’t change your opinion of your partner and you can’t “fight fair” then perhaps, it’s just not meant in the stars.

Know the signs of an impending divorce and work towards improving your relationship if you want to salvage it. If you’re ready to let go, then think clearly before you act. Threats and constant nagging will never fix anything. When you’re done, learn how to throw in the towel. And walk away. Spare yourself the heartache of any more time invested in a relationship that’s going, sadly, nowhere.


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