Are you wondering why your man is no longer giving it up? There’s plenty of reasons men can experience a lack of interest in sex. You don’t need to jump to the conclusion that you guy is cheating on you, especially if his whereabouts are well-known. If your man is starting to suck in bed, there might be some more realistic reasons why, and not ALL of them are about you. (Personally)

Reasons He Pulls Away in Bed

1. He’s Tired- The more mature the man, the more he likely has a world of other things on his mind. It’s not just sex, sex, and sex with all guys. Look at your partner’s sleeping habits and you might see the glaring problem. If your guy is flat tired, he’s going to put aside his natural instincts, to follow a few of the others instead. Nap time may replace your afternoon delight. But thank goodness, his snoozing has nothing to do with you! Brew him a cup of coffee and help him perk up.

2. He’s Stressed- Money, work, family, relationships, etc. Everywhere your guy looks, somebody or something needs even more from him. The stress is ready to make him burst, and he can hardly keep his thoughts together on the daily, let alone spice things up in the bedroom with you. The cure for his lack of sex due to stress? Help him chill out and decrease your demands. Try to take the edge off by being a fountain instead of a drain. Make him dinner. Do a few extra chores, and remove as many burdens as you can, before your sex life becomes one of them.

3. He’s Sick- This is much more serious but is certainly a consideration if your man just decided to stop touching you. Serious illness can change behavior, thought processes, ambition, drive, and sexual urges. If he complains of feeling unwell, make sure he gets checked out to rule out any underlying medical conditions that might be affecting his primal instinct for sex.

4. He’s Bored- Your man might be faithful, but that doesn’t mean he’s satisfied. If he’s not having sex with you as of late, it might be because the initial fire has fizzled, and you have to keep stoking those flames to keep ‘em burning. Now is not the time to whip out your ratty flannel pajamas. (No time is.) But especially not now! Get yourself some sexy nightdresses STAT (and a warming lubricant or new sex toys never hurts.)

5. He’s Gay- Sometimes you just gotta say it. Your man might be gay if he’s not sleeping with you. This is especially true if he’s not touching you, gawking at you naked, or trying to cop a feel when you hop out of the shower. Healthy men with normal sexual appetites do this stuff with their partners. It’s just the way it goes. If your man is showing SERIOUS signs of lack of interest, you should consider the possibility that he’s perhaps, interested in the other team. Have the talk and see what happens.

A crappy sex life can ruin your relationship. The more time you set aside to connect intimately, the closer you’ll feel to one another throughout the day. If your man has decided to take sex-time down a notch, you’re gonna have to speak up. Why? Because women want more!

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