You may want to consider staying hush on the following five things. Especially in a new relationship. When you’re trying to get to know another romantic interest, bear in mind that spilling too much, is never a good thing.

Your Religious and Political Opinions

It’s fine to let your dating partner know of your chosen faith. Many people only date those who share their same beliefs. But that doesn’t mean you should discuss heated topics with one another, especially in the beginning of your courtship. Keep the conversations light and reveal your political and religious conversations with those that you know share your opinions. Otherwise, you risk offending or sabotaging a relationship with those you can’t see eye to eye with. It’s best to keep some things on the down low, especially in casual and work environments.

Your Sex Number

It’s good to be honest about how many partners you’ve had, but it’s really not necessary to ask, discuss, or share stories about your past lovers when you’re beginning to date them. All that should matter is that you’ve been tested and cleared of STDs, and that you use protection until you are in a committed monogamous relationship. Hearing your number, if particularly high, might send your date packing. If it’s too low, they might wonder if you have some oats to sow.

Your Income

Nobody needs to know how much you earn and you shouldn’t focus your conversations around your career anyway. When you’re dating it’s ok to discuss your job and your accomplishments, but you should refrain from talking about your next big bonus, or how you just landed the account of the year. Although your date may appreciate and respect your ambition, it puts a little too much emphasis on you and your achievements. You should first get to know your date and decide whether or not you want a future with them, long before you start talking income tax levels. Besides, hearing about your board room meeting is probably boring,

Your Goals

Sharing goals means you’ll feel like a total loser if you don’t meet them. Goals are a very personal thing and they should be nurtured and worked towards without public affirmations. Although an empowering “you can do it” boost is good for motivation, it sends the message that you need a fan club to achieve them. Let your success be your noise.

Your Good Deeds

If you do good deeds only to receive praise and admiration, you’re doing things for the wrong reason. Don’t donate to charity and then spill the details. Don’t brag about the homeless person you just fed. Or about his dog. Don’t take pictures of yourself volunteering and share them so that you can win public praise. Good deeds are best left done. Without further discussion.

Dating is a balance between the getting to know you truths, and the you don’t need to know rest of it. If a conversation makes you feel uncomfortable, or you don’t know if you’re compatible with your date, change the attention and place it back on them. People love to talk about themselves. So let them. While you dodge the bullet! Mums the word.

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