It’s a magical number. Before you are officially dubbed “over the hill” make sure you add these 5 things to your to-do list as you prepare for the next chapter in your life.

  1. Have kids. While not everyone wants the blessing or raising children, those that do should jump on it. Even though women are having kids well into their 40’s and some beyond, you might want to consider the quality of life you’ll be able to share with your kids as they age. More importantly, you should consider that you may want to see their children grow up, and have the well-loved title of grandma.
  2. Write a love letter to yourself. Not quite the same as sending yourself flowers, writing a good old-fashioned love letter to yourself will help you see all the beauty within you and that can refocus your passion, desires, career, and more in life. Remind yourself who you are and check in with that kid from the past. Make every word count.
  3. Fall in love. Even if it means your heart might get broken. If you have trouble meeting people consider joining a membership dating site where matches are more carefully filtered so that you have a better chance of meeting Mr. Right. Open your heart to the possibilities and let real love in.
  4. Become a mentor. The older you get the wiser you become. Everyone needs someone to talk to. A mentor helps guide and offers a listening ear to someone seeking their advice and honesty. Find an online forum or check local organizations to find out where you may of benefit to someone in need. You’ll feel good while making someone else feel better.
  5. Visit your childhood home. If you’re lucky enough to still be able to go back to your childhood home during the holidays and family gatherings, then you already know the comfort seeing the place can bring. For those who have relocated and moved out or far away, scheduling a trip to your birthplace can instill a sense of belonging. If you can, bring your own kids along so they can experience the places where you grew up.

This bucket list isn’t the same as all the magical places you should visit or the insane endorphin pumping adventures you should embark on. Turning 40 means you’re officially grown up. Nurture your spirit with this list and you’ll blow out those 40 damn candles, with confidence and relief. Getting there was no small feat.

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