Love is in the air and the getting to know you part of any relationship is exciting. Rather than sitting in a restaurant or texting “what’s up?” messages back and forth, why not include some of these new adventures in your relationship? You’ll learn lots about who your partner is and you won’t even have to ask. Other than if he’ll go.

Fun List

  1. Go bowling
  2. Bake a cake
  3. Go to the park and swing
  4. Go hiking
  5. Plant flowers
  6. Cook together
  7. See a movie
  8. Cuddle on the couch
  9. Then cuddle in bed
  10. Give each other a body massage
  11. Go dancing together
  12. Take a weekend road trip
  13. Visit antique stores or flea markets
  14. Write letters to each other and send them in the mail
  15. Have a candlelit dinner
  16. Make a scrapbook
  17. Go swimming at the public pool
  18. Visit an amusement park
  19. Ice skate
  20. Rollerskate
  21. Play board games
  22. Visit the library and pick each other a book
  23. Listen to music
  24. Have him paint your nails
  25. Take a rose petal bath together
  26. Help him improve his wardrobe
  27. Facetime or video chat
  28. Send cute pictures
  29. Write each other poems
  30. Watch the sunrise or a sunset
  31. Visit a “make out” spot
  32. Go to the drive-in theatre
  33. Play frisbee golf
  34. Go for a long walk
  35. Carve pumpkins in October
  36. Bring him lunch
  37. Visit the humane society and pick a new pet together (if you’re committed)
  38. Go camping
  39. Dream together
  40. Share your fears and your feelings
  41. Visit the beach and share a raft
  42. Hang out with his friends
  43. Hang out with your friends
  44. Play pool
  45. Meet the parents
  46. Go for a long country drive
  47. Sext message
  48. Buy him a little present
  49. Decorate your Christmas tree
  50. Believe in the magic of love!

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