Being single is not a curse. If you find yourself missing out on a long-term love connection it’s time to change the way you see this in-between period. Instead of worrying about your relationship status or wishing Mr. Right would walk in, look at the bright side. The following 7 fun things about being single prove that being alone is better than being unhappy. Always.

  1. Relax- After a bad breakup you need some time to relax and enjoy some silence. Instead of drinking away your sorrows or heading out with your friends weekend after weekend, learn how to relax, breathe, and enjoy the solitude. Light some candles and take a long bath. Buy a new book and read it in bed. Take yoga or exercise classes and go outside each day to clear your head. Relax your mind and find peace in the present. It’s fun to escape troubles and woes, and you’ll learn to enjoy your own company. Bonus.
  2. Get a Hobby- You probably never had much time for yourself. Your hobbies were limited because you didn’t want to spend time away from him. Now you can learn a new language, take cooking courses, or begin to garden, even if it’s on top of your small balcony. Spend time doing new activities and you’ll begin to find the happiness and joy in each day.
  3. Enjoy a Makeover- When you’re single you can have fun changing your look on a whim. Bear in mind you shouldn’t do anything too drastic after a split from your beau. Give it some time, heck, break up with your hairstylist too. Change is fun and now you can change your appearance and dress however you’d like.
  4. Guilt-free Splurges– Back when you were a couple you probably stopped spending money on frivolous things. Especially true if you split the bills or shared financial responsibilities. It’s fun to get your checkbook back. Look at all the things you’ve silently been wanting to splurge on, but wanted to be financially responsible. Perhaps you had to agree on a major purchase. It’s time to invest in you. Go on a shopping spree and have fun spending your hard-earned cash. Buy yourself stuff that makes you feel like a million bucks. Spending money is always fun, and when you’re single you’ll probably have more to spare.
  5. Be Lazy– No more time schedules for you. Once your single you can stay out as late as you’d like and sleep in whenever you choose. You can turn your ringer off, shut down your social profiles, and truly disappear whenever you’d like. You’ll have control of your life and your sleep schedules back. You’ll begin to enjoy living life.
  6. You Can Be Spontaneous– Nothing worse than a Debbie Downer boyfriend who never wants to go anywhere or do anything. At first, you weren’t sure if was just your compatibility, but it turns out he really has no passion for life. You can now officially hop into your car and spend Saturday morning at the market, or at the humane society where you can adopt a pet. That YOU like. Don’t even get started on the name. Being spontaneous means you’re enjoying yourself and good things happen when you take chances and live a little.
  7. Date- Even if you’re not ready to create a dating profile and throw yourself back into the love pond, it’s nice to know that you can. That guy at the grocery store you’ve had a crush on for three years? Well, guess what? He might be single. And now you are too. It’s written in the stars. Trust the universe and as you slowly begin to date raise the bar on your standards and think about what you desire from your partner. Don’t worry about who you attract, focus on the man who attracts you.

It’s perfectly ok to ditch a bad date at the table if you’re not feeling it. You can even go home and go out with a different man. Options are nice, and they make this little status called single, incredibly fun.

Single is not sad or scary. If you embrace all these pleasures when you’re single, they could turn out to be the best and most memorable days of your life. You’ll fall in love with YOU. Because, heck, she’s pretty fun AND loveable.

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