Who doesn’t love Mary Poppins? Especially her tapestry carpet bag. From the floor lamp to the houseplant and the wall mirror, that bag was practically perfect in every way.

Carpet bag have you not, you still need the following essentials packed in your bag in case you need to make a great escape, ditch a date, or fix a beauty emergency. Stock up and keep these 7 things at the ready. So you can be ready for anything.


C’mon. You knew we were going to say that and so we might as well say it straight from the top. But, we gotta make a few things clear about what this means. Remember Mary Poppins? She wore red lipstick. She didn’t wear 10 different colors, and if she had, she surely could have made a color change happen in a…SNAP!

Don’t carry all your beauty loot around with you everywhere you go. It weighs you down and makes finding things difficult. Pick a favorite and never be without it.


If your debit or credit cards get lost or stolen, or you’re paying for goods and credit is not an option, you need some cash for survival. Always hold onto whatever you can in cash form and spend frugally so it’s there in your purse for emergencies.

Safety Pins

Better safe than sorry. Safety pins can fix a million things. They can act as a zipper pull, fix a revealing neckline, and save many other wardrobe malfunctions. Have a variety of sizes and keep several in your bag at all times. They weigh next to nothing and will save your life.

Cell Phone and Charger

Being without your cell phone is just a bad idea. Especially if you don’t have an at-home phone service. Worse yet? Having a cell phone that has zero charge. Portable USB chargers will keep you connected to the world. Don’t leave home without them.

Breath Mints

Nothing more to discuss here.

Handkerchiefs or Tissues

Be a lady and buy a handkerchief. They’re such a feminine take on the tissue, and they don’t have to be used for sloppy cleanups. Pretty hankies are ideal for having handy to fix lipstick smudges or wipe your hands. Wash them often and you’ll always have a clean and feminine cloth for whatever purpose you need. Shop antique stores and flea markets for beautifully decorative handkerchiefs.

Small Bags or Mini Clutches

A few small mini purses and even sleek clutches will help you organize your bag. Stow a few to house cosmetics, receipts, and keep other essentials organized. You can grab one and go if you want to change from 9 to 5.

In the most delightful way.





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