It happens to the best of us. We finally land a job and realize during the employment orientation that there will be no heels or fancy dresses in the workplace. It’s a polo shirt and trousers for you. What the heck does a girl do rocking tennis shoes to work, without losing her personal sense of style? Clothing stipulations can often end with an”I quit” long before closing time.

Fashion Rules for the Boring Job

If your workplace requires you to wear a uniform, try to embrace that in a positive way. It’s easy to get up in the morning without fussing over what to wear. Although khakis can take your sex appeal down a notch, it will always help you look professional and dressed appropriately each and every day. You can still add some personality to your outfit with the following ideas.

Jewelry: Jewelry will set you apart from the rest whenever you wear a work uniform. A large statement ring or dangling earrings will draw attention to some of your best features without going overboard. Express yourself with layered necklaces, unique chokers, or turquoise stone jewelry to add a mix of eclectic and boho chic to your style.

Makeup: Grab your liquid eyeliner and learn how to draw the perfect cateye. A clean black sweep across your lid will raise your eyes flirtatiously, and yet still manages to look professional so long as you keep the line thin and clean. Pair your cat eye with a nude lipgloss and pink blush and you’ll feel a little sexier, even in your tan trousers.

Hair:Think accessories and unique updos and you’ll set your hair apart from the khaki club. Try topknots, Bridget Bardot inspired bedhead and high ponytails that add some height to your frame and a kick in your step.

Shoes: Unless your manager clearly states you can’t wear bold and bright shoes, you’ll have some fun changing things up at the bottom. Opt for red flats, leopard flats, rhinestone sandals, metallic slides, whatever you can get away with without breaking dress code.

Pack a change of clothes: Always pack a change of clothes just in case your workday extends into cocktail hours. Goodness knows you don’t want to be mistaken for the wait staff when you get to the bar. Because let’s face it. Ya are. Girls just want to have fun! (And look good doing it.)


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