Do you want to get your ex to beg for you back? This is a big one. First, you need to ask yourself if you like eating leftovers or digging through the trash for a treasure. Unless your demised relationship brought you great joy and happiness, inviting a bad boyfriend back into your life might be the definition of insanity. But, there’a few times when getting your ex back just makes sense. And that’s not for revenge, You should only try these tactics when you really, really miss and love him and can’t see yourself moving past what you had. If it’s time to give it a go one last time, this is how to make him beg.

No Contact

No contact is how you deal with the boyfriend who dumped you. If you were the one who initiated the breakup, you’ll need to skip this step altogether and instead move straight down to #2.

No contact works after you’ve been dumped because silence is deadly. Even if he’s on dating sites, the scariest thing is, he’s scared you are too. (Double-standard, of course, probably one of the reasons you broke up.) Either way, you need to ride this one out as hard as it might be. You may want to avoid drinking alcohol altogether during the messy post-breakup. Alcohol lowers inhibitions and makes it all the easier for you to reach out and lose several days or weeks work of hard-working restraint.

Delete him from social media and block calls and all forms of contact. If you must see each other because of school or work, you’ll need to appear aloof and distracted during your interactions. The idea is to always keep him guessing what you’re doing. Do not reveal you have been reading articles such as this to reel him back in. Stay away and find a hobby or clean your closet. Stay away for as LONG as possible.

#2- Love Letter

If you broke up with your boyfriend and feel miserable about it, no contact will only give him the space he needs to move on, quickly. Many people go straight to hook-ups and one night stands when they feel desperate and alone. You need to intercept his free-time with a love letter and spill your guts. Own up to all the mistakes you made and let him know what you’re willing to do to improve the relationship. Then, you go back to number one (no contact) and wait, while implementing the following.

Get Sexy

Now is NOT the time to eat ice cream. Don’t believe the hype. During the breakup period, you should look at your lifestyle and make a major life cleanse. Start eating healthier, exercise, and avoid fattening foods and late-night drinking. Start implementing better habits and take the time to pamper yourself. Other girly things you should do? Buy a new lipstick. Buy a highlighting cream to apply to the apples of your cheeks (goodness knows you have to look cheerful and vibrant) and paint your nails a gorgeous shade of red. While you’re at it, ditch your old panties and give your boudoir an upgrade with lace. Even if you don’t get your ex to beg for you back, you’ll feel sexy and attract a new suitor in no time. Winning.

Focus on Happiness

After a break-up, you should take the time you need to heal and focus on your own happiness. It can be difficult to see past the blow, but time heals all wounds. Wake up every day and ask yourself what makes you happy. Focus on the things and the people who bring you joy. Meditate, do yoga, go for a long walk outdoors. Embrace the beauty in life and make rediscovering it your top priority.

Be Open to Loving Him Again as Your Best Self

Once he comes back, if your efforts did work, you need to be the best version of yourself and stay vulnerable. Even if he broke your heart, you can’t have a relationship moving forward if you’re fighting, nitpicking, and still placing all the blame on one another. You need to be open to the new love you have and be grateful you got him to come back to you. If you love this man you need to go into the next phase with bygones in place. Otherwise you’ll be back here in no-time, and the next time, it might not work. May good luck be with you!



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