Ouch. It’s a sensitive subject. The following tips will provide sunburn relief for when you’re too hot to handle.

Wear Lightweight Clothing– Right after you’ve been burned it’s common to experience hot and cold flashes, and fabric sticking to you in any which way is just plain uncomfortable. Light flowy cotton layers won’t stick to your body and irritate your already tender skin. Opt for loose dresses, oversized cotton tees, and tank tops that don’t restrict your movement or scratch and irritate you.

Cool Off-Bring your temp down a few degrees and relax in a cool shower or bath. Adding a milk-bath treatment to your tub experience will provide further comfort that will feel oh-so-good against the sunburn.

Leave the Blisters Alone- Do not scratch or break open your sunburn blisters. Tempting as it may be, the space between the bubble and your skin is where all the healing takes place. Once you pop a sunburn bubble you risk introducing infection into the burn. If you have signs of infection such as oozing, foul smell, temperature, or lightheadedness, see your care provider immediately for proper treatment. All infections can be fatal if they enter your bloodstream.

Aloe Vera- Nature’s perfect remedy for sunburned skin, Aloe Vera will cool down and hydrate and reduce sunburn pain.Either buy a live plant and snip the Vera as needed or buy a bottled variety and store it in the fridge for cooling relief.

Hydrocortisone- An anti-itch hydrocortisone cream will reduce inflammation and ease itch and pain. Over the counter remedies are available, as are prescription strength formula sprays and topical creams.

How to Prevent Sunburn

It can happen quick, so be careful. These guidelines will protect your skin when you venture outdoors.

  1. Avoid the sun- Although not always possible, avoiding the sun is the most effective way to prevent sunburn. Avoid the midday sun from 10-4, and if you must venture out then seek shade.
  2. Wear a wide-brim hat with UV ray protection- Hats are a summer wardrobe staple. They’re fabulously chic, and purposeful.
  3. Wear an SPF- And don’t forget to reapply sunblock every hour, especially after water exposure. Reapplication is key to ensure sunblock effectiveness.
  4. Wear clothing with an SPF- If you’re prone to burning you should invest in clothing made from a sun protective fabric. The garment care labels with tell you their level of effectiveness, and how to launder properly.

Don’t forget, the sun doesn’t have to be shining to put you at risk for sunburn. Overcast days provide a false sense of security and can keep you out in the elements for a longer period of time since you may not feel the intensity of the sun or the burn. Protect yourself in cloudy weather, sunny weather, and even while you drive. The best way to cure sunburn is to learn how to prevent it.

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