There comes a time when every girl must ask herself, is he just a friend? While it can be nice to have a male companion with no strings attached, if you get too close, be careful…you could fall in love. If you want to take your relationship to the next level, this is how to go from friends with benefits to a relationship.

Tips for Playing for Keeps

Spend Quality Time Together

In the beginning, you were probably more careful to reserve your weekends and weekdays either for yourself or with other friends. Now that you’re developing more feelings for your booty call, you need to call him over when it’s not just for sex. Start suggesting that you spend more quality time together. Go on official dates to the movies and out to dinner. Get to know him outside of the bedroom and see if there’s more than the just sexual chemistry between you.

Have the Talk

If you haven’t already had the talk it’s wise you do that before it’s too late. Casual sex partners often continue to see other people. If you fall in love with him and he’s no longer available you’re going to miss out on a huge could have been. And then you’ll spend your Friday nights stalking his Facebook profile while missing his bedroom snuggles. Don’t wait.

Open Your Life to Him

We tend to be reserved with our casual social encounters. If you’re growing closer to him you should also be willing to share more significant parts of your life. Whether that be meeting the family or sharing childhood stories, make your conversations more intimate and invite him to open up to you as well.

Make Necessary Changes

You shouldn’t have to change all of who you are to be with a partner, but in many cases, there are probably things about your behaviors that have prevented a relationship from the very beginning. If you’re the type who doesn’t easily commit or if you have some quirks that made him less interested in the long-term, you may need to see if there’s any room for personal growth and sacrifices.

Although going out with the girls worked well when he was your closing call, he may not like you painting the town every weekend. Especially without him. Once you begin taking your relationship from friends to boyfriend you should be the kind of partner he wants to have. And vice versa.

Go on Adventures

Get lost with your friend. Go on small adventures that bring excitement and anticipation to your meet-ups. The more you heat things up outside the bedroom, the better your relationship will be. Keep the momentum going and you’ll sail from friends to boyfriend effortlessly while having fun and introducing some romance.

What if He’s Not Ready?

Before you start the official progression from FWB to boyfriend you should know if he’s interested. It could save you a lot of heartaches. If he hasn’t been pursuing you or suggesting you take things to a more serious level, then it may be time you pull one of the most classic tricks: play hard to get.

If your FWB is used to you being around and available at the drop of the hat, you’re going to need to change that. Instead, make your weekends more exciting and mysterious by dodging his usual calls. At first, he may not seem to care, after all, not your boyfriend. But, suddenly he’ll begin wondering where you’re at and with whom and he’ll realize that you could be busy falling in love with someone who is interested and available. He’ll begin calling you, perhaps many times in a night. Or he’ll start sounding relieved when you end up staying home. While this approach is a little devious it works. So, it doesn’t matter. Induce a little jealousy and watch him chase you.

It Could Be True Love

If you’re beginning to wonder if your relationship can go from friends to lovers you already have a good thing. Once you’ve spent time between the sheets and in the kitchen, you’ll soon discover whether he’s your booty call or your Sunday morning.

It’s often said that the more time you spend having casual sex with someone, the likelier you are to eventually fall in love. If your relationship has a firm foundation of trust and compatibility, why not see if a good thing could become even better?



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