Every day can be a good day depending on how you approach it. Use this simple guide to instill positivity into your child’s daily routine and you’ll both wake up in a happy mood.

Tips for Boosting the Morning Mood

 Set an Alarm

First, think of how you like to be woken up. Often parents set and then snooze their alarm many times before scurrying down the hall in a bathrobe to wake the kids. With no warning. You may have pushed the snooze button at least a half a dozen times, but your child probably didn’t, and that’s frustrating. It’s hard not to start your day in a bad mood when you don’t have the time to wake up softly and deliberately.

Remedy: Get up and wake your child at the first snooze alert, and then if you catch some more sleep, you need to repeat this process out of kindness, understanding, and respect. You can also put your child in full control of their waking patterns by setting an alarm clock in their room.

Turn Off the TV

Many children have the habit of falling asleep to their television or playing on their mobile devices. This is not a sound sleep. How many times have you woke up in the middle of your sleep only to be partly-dreaming about a crime story playing on the TV? It takes you a little while to realize what’s going on and some heavy emotions can be programmed by then. Irritating, repetitive, loud, debatable, and actionable dialogue are disruptive to sleep and can create a negative mood in your child.

Remedy: If they must fall asleep to the lights and sounds then you may consider looking into soothing soundtracks and meditative music that has no dialogue or plot that they might subconsciously think about.

Establish a Bedtime Routine

Kids need a regular bedtime and relaxing activities prior to bedtime. Don’t let your kids decide when it’s time for lights out.

Remedy: Every night after dinner get into the habit of talking about your child’s day. Ask them questions about what they’re looking forward to, or what they are upset about. Draw a bubble bath and then set into bed with a good book. Establishing a regular bedtime routine will allow your child to rest peacefully and that will help improve their overall mood.


Sometimes kids just wake up in a bad mood because of something that upset them the night before. If you were in a bad mood and got a little snippy, your child may have resentments when they see you again. Tickle time is in order.

Remedy: Try to go to bed without feeling angry. Although it can be easy to send kids off to their room when they’ve upset you, they still need to know that you care about their feelings enough to resolve conflicts before sleep. Have open communication with your kids and that will help them look at the positive side of disagreements. (The compromise.)

Play Music

Does your child have a favorite song? Of course, they do. Use music to your advantage to turn their frowns upside down in the morning. You can wake your kid up in the morning by playing their favorite tune. Or find clever music about each day of the week and your child will most certainly crack a smile and roll (or perhaps dab) out of bed.

Remedy: Turn it up.

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