Every girl loves to feel chased. But all too often, they chase men away trying to get his attention. Men like to be the hunters. The seekers. The ones in charge. If you have a crush that you want to get into a real relationship with, you need to make him want you. This is how.

First and foremost you need to have a life. You also need to have hobbies and things that occupy your time so that you aren’t just sitting around waiting for a man to call. Do not be a lady in waiting. Instead, keep your life full of activity and even when you’re binge watching Netflix, keep it on the down low. He doesn’t need to know.

Stop calling him.  Want to make a man run? That’s easy. Keep calling and texting him. Nothing scares a man off more than a woman blowing up his phone. It makes you look desperate and attention starved. It’s best to blow off a few of his calls or texts and refer to the above “I’m busy” as your excuse.

Flirt. Your conversations with your crush should be upbeat and positive. If you’re acting like a Debbie Downer each time you guys speak, he’s going to hightail it out of there and find a girl that makes him smile. Be playful and lighthearted and save all the “bad news” for your mom, or someone else.

Dress well. Pay special attention to your appearance when you want a man to chase you. Wear heels, wear dresses, do your hair and your makeup. Even after the relationship settles you should still groom yourself regularly because it makes YOU feel good. During the courting phase, it’s especially important that you look your best and have a come hither style.Don’t change your style to suit him, just become the absolute best version of YOU.

Don’t make last minute plans with him. If your man only calls you late on a Friday night, you should never make plans to see him that evening. This means you are booty call. And booty call ONLY. The only way to turn this hookup into a relationship is to make him ask your plans in advance, and actually take you somewhere, as in a real date. Once you venture down the sex-only path it’s nearly impossible to turn things around.

Don’t boost his confidence too much. Sure, your crush should know that you’re interested. Keep it at that. There are plenty of guys that would love to date you so the attention should be on you right now. Not him. Play aloof and don’t over-compliment him or have the dreaded “feelings” talk.

Don’t have sex. He may not like it, but he’ll respect you more for it. Holding off on having sex means that the ball is in your court. Of course, he wants to have it. And he’ll start chasing you for a little some of that if you play it cool and don’t give in until it feels right.

Get over him. Last, if the guy turns out to be a total jerk go ahead and dump him. Stop answering his calls, avoid messaging back, and have a very uninterested attitude when it comes to him and you. While he may not be completely deserving of the boot quite yet, kicking him to the curb will inevitably do one thing…have him crawling back.

That’s how you play the game!






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