When it comes to makeup, application is everything. Our expert airbrush or traditional makeup services ensure a flawless finish that you can wear all day with confidence.

Whether for a wedding, prom, or any other special event, our makeup artists will create a perfectly customized look that enhances your beauty.

A Moore Beauty makeover includes strip eyelash application for instant glamour. We also have temporary colorants for root touchups, in the event your need to mask gray or regrowth for the day. Be sure to inquire about these additional services when booking.

Why you need it?

Professional application means professional results. The first step to stunning, flawless skin begins with technique. All-day wear is achieved through proper application and contour.

What is the process?

We begin with a consultation so we can choose the right color palette and makeup style for you and your special occasion. Your skin will be prepped thoroughly before application, to ensure an all-day makeup look that will last.

What is the result?

A beautiful look that enhances your best features.

Why do it now?

Every day you should look and feel your best. Our makeup artists will help you discover the right cosmetic style and colors you should be wearing to compliment your features. For special events, professional makeup application makes a lasting impression. You deserve to feel gorgeous all day – that’s our specialty.


Airbrush: $75
Regular: $55

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