You don’t have to be a natural born flirt to master the art of sexting. Whether it’s a new relationship or one that’s grown old, these 5 tips will help you heat things up in the digital dating world.

Tips for Sexting Like a Pro

Have a Plan

The thing about sexting is that you need to have a story while you’re doing it. This means you should create a sexy scenario in your head and text it out. You don’t have to be experienced in said act, you just need to envision it step by step. The idea is to take your man on a sexual journey and have him chime in when it’s his turn. If you’re open and fearless you’ll make the sex act that much more enjoyable for him.

Do it Anywhere

Forget being dressed the part. No one on the end of the sexting line needs to know that you’re wearing flannel pajamas while eating ice cream. You can multi-task without losing your sex appeal. In fact, take a few breaks during the sexting session to prolong his satisfaction. It’s worth it. Once you’ve got his full attention he’ll be hard pressed to go anywhere else, so play a little distant and aloof.

Talk Dirty

Sure you have a good girl attitude and that’s wonderful and respectable. You can ditch it when it comes to sexting. It’s liberating to use sex language and dirty words that you wouldn’t normally use. Tell your guy about the places you want him to travel and what you want him to do. The best part about sexting is that he can’t (unless you Facetime or chat) SEE you. So, there’s no reason to feel awkward or shy.

Involve Him

Don’t drop the ball on this one. Similar to texting, sexting requires back and forth interaction. Don’t turn your guy off by leaving the sex convo one-sided. Ask questions. Ask him what he wants you to wear, what his favorite positions are, and what he likes. With every text reply you need to reply with a question or an engaging comment. If he feels stumped the sexting slows down, and nobody gets off.

Hang Up First

Just like in real life after a one night stand of passion, it pays to be the one to say goodbye first. Don’t feel bad about it. In fact, it’s bonus points if you can call it a night with zero expectations. Men love a little mystery and they are forever intrigued by the gal who has meaningful sex without a commitment. So, be flirty, be satisfied, and be friendly. Just be the first to say goodbye, whatever you do.

When Is it Time to Start Sexting?

Some relationships go from initial meeting straight to sexting while others take time. Heck, you might even go on several dates before your phone conversations turn racy. You’ll know when it’s time to share this intimate connection because it will feel right. Perhaps it will be a flirty text that leads into the color of your intimates, or perhaps he’s busy offering up some serious compliments about how you dressed the night before. The most important thing to learn about sexting is that when it happens, it should never feel forced.

Sexting can help partners feel satisfied while in long-distance relationships with one another, and can also be the introduction to an exciting sex life. If your booty call has turned into your sexting buddy, see this as an opportunity to hone your writing craft while you pull a little 50 shades of something, with him.

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