Touch is a pretty powerful thing.

When I was little my sister and I used to play a game called Magic Fingers. We’d write words and draw pictures on each other’s backs and of course, try to guess what they were. I always got screwed because despite being fooled each massage, I continuously agreed to stroke my sister to sleep first, every freakin time.

I decided as I got much older that I would not get screwed like that again. And then I married a massage therapist and despite traveling to 3 different states with this humongous, dusty massage table throughout our 15 years together, I only ever got 2 “professional” massages from him.

When I was pregnant with our second child I got even and joined a monthly massage club. I felt fabulous and my sciatica rarely acted up, despite my reaching pumpkin size. I felt zero guilt for my monthly massage. Every time he mentioned but a word about it, I pointed to the attic where his dusty, crappy, stupid massage table was stored amongst the suitcases. He always shut up.

I can tell over the years that my stress levels have heightened and from time to time despite how much I invest in retail therapy, I should really just buy a massage instead. Massage flushes toxins from your body and relieves body pain. It can help improve clarity, help you let go of emotional roadblocks, and improve your relationships. I’m certain this might be the reason my marriage failed.

When I first saw Bree Bradley it was during our initial meet n greet at Moore Beauty. She joins the team as our Line of Business Director for massage. Bree is kind, calming, and what’s even more impressive? Dr. Bree Bradley is a naturopathic doctor and doula with over 20 years of experience in healing people with the power of touch and using the body’s wisdom.

So, back to the rant. When I met Bree I started thinking about how much I needed a massage and also about how much I had been screwed over in the past years.  I decided to wing it and I asked her for an arm and foot massage, and I really didn’t feel bad about it. I could tell she loved to do it, so it was a go.

Bree instantly took me on a mental joyride as I relaxed for the first time in ages. Her hands were strong and her spirit uplifting. But best of all? She’s all yours now.

Note to self: Must go back. Weekly

Book your appointment with Bree Bradley today and float away! Contact Moore Beauty.

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