Eyelash extensions will make you feel glamorous and fabulous, but they come with more than a monetary cost. Consider the following before you commit to lashes. (Because every girl has to try them at least once.)

They Do Not Feel Like Normal Lashes

If you’re ready to live with a different sensation, you might love eyelash extensions. Lash extensions (no matter the type) can’t get wet for 24-48 hours, and if they accidentally do they can become weighted and feel heavy. If you want to wake up with gorgeous lashes without the work this is not too much to endure, but keep it in mind as you will have to get used to the feeling of lashes affixed on your eyelid.

Maintenance Costs Money

The worst thing you can do is opt for a Groupon for a full-set of lashes and then go somewhere else for refills. Your lash artist uses their own products and lashes. Most will charge a removal fee or increase their price to touch-up lashes from somewhere else. Opting into a monthly lash membership will make refills more affordable and will help you schedule based on your needs. Maintenance ensures your lashes will look their best every day.

No Tummy Sleeping

This one is tough. If you’re a tummy sleeper you will need to learn how to sleep on your back, and at best, side. Opt for a silk pillowcase or sleep mask to reduce the stress on your eyelash extensions as you toss and turn. Better yet, don’t.

Your Natural Lashes will Suffer Damage

There’s no way around it. Your natural lashes will suffer from the application of lash glue to adhere false eyelashes. Lashes will get entwined with one another, especially if you opt for the extra long “princess” style lash. This will further damage and increase lash loss. Although your lashes should never fall out in patches, you will probably see a difference after the removal of eyelash extensions. The good news is lashes will regrow, You can try applying a reputable lash growth serum to speed the process. Be patient as you go through the regrowth process and avoid wearing any false lashes until you see improvement.

You’ll Be Envied

Women, men, everyone will notice how beautiful your lashes are. It’s up to you if you want to confess they’re false.

Remember, “thank you” is a perfectly acceptable response to any compliment.

Ready to add a little lash love into your life?

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