The truth can be hard to swallow. He doesn’t care about you. If you listen to your closest friends and family they have probably been telling you this for quite some time. You refuse to believe it. So, here you sit Googling articles about whether your man is going to dump you, and how to get over your ex, and then there’s that small yet hopeful part of you that wants to believe he’s coming back. He’s not. Not with good intentions, anyway.

Top Signs He’s Over You For Good

  1. He Thinks It’s Annoying When You’re Upset- Sure you’re a basket case but the right guy will love you for it. If your boyfriend has zero empathy when you lose it, he’s a jerk and he really doesn’t care about you. If you’re going through stress or a difficult situation a man who loves you will want to bring a smile to your face and ask how he can help.
  2. He Seeks No Resolution- If your guy is fine with unsettled business then he is a dodger that you don’t need in your life. People who can’t address relationship issues or seek a resolution based on mutual respect are implying they can’t offer you that. Compromise? It’s golden.
  3. He Doesn’t Ease Your Fears- Relationships are built on trust and when trust is shaky at best your man should do what is necessary to make you feel safe and secure. A beautiful relationship will feel blissful and you’ll feel as if your worries and your heart are nestled atop a comfortable pillow. If you find yourself feeling fearful or anxious and in a constant state of worry then this guy is not working for you. You may want him. But you need to feel secure. If you don’t feel this man is easing your fear you are either totally paranoid and delusional (perfect excuse) or he doesn’t care about the relationship long-term. Which one is it? Keep a journal and you’ll start to see.
  4. He Doesn’t Put in Effort- If he’s starting to explain how he was too busy to send a text (which takes seconds, as we know) he’s setting the new ground of lowered expectations. If you accept this behavior it will continue. The only way to get back at a man who quits talking is to not talk back. Do this and he will soon begin stalking your social profiles and attempting every method to win you back. Unfortunately, this is the only way of winning back a man whom you’ve been in a long-term relationship with. If he doesn’t put in the effort to text, call, express his love, and “date” you, he is moving on. So, you need to, too. Use his silent treatment as an opportunity to move on.
  5. You’re a Weekend Fling– If your boyfriend picks fights with you during the week he is probably using his down time to find a new love interest. He may be on dating sites and he could even have multiple email accounts in which he uses to sign up to and engage in relationship and hookup possibilities. If your man disappears every night except on the weekends, soon he won’t have time for Saturdays with you. You’re just the secured weekend hookup and will soon be replaced. That all started on a lonely Wednesday night when he lied on his dating profile and began speaking to Natalia. She has fabulous eyelashes and she’s Russian, so you are screwed. You’re a Friday night girl and not a Sunday morning.
  6. He’s Bored- You’re predictable and he knows it, so he will go to great lengths to make you feel like your relationship is a drag. He won’t put the effort in and you’ll feel his constant eye roll. Even if he’s not telling you it can be assumed he is bored. A man that doesn’t care will not be present in your lives or your conversations. He’ll be too busy thinking about where he’d rather be, and with whom.
  7. He Talks to Other Women-This is a hurtful yet universal reminder that there will be other women your partner is attracted to. If he pairs this truth with increased interest in her, that’s a huge red flag and a possible indicator of a cheating personality. Try not to allow jealousy to consume you. On the other hand, don’t let a man disrespect you by flirting with, meeting privately, or building relationships with other women. If he’s doing these things he is not into you. In fact, he cares more about what she thinks, at this point.
  8. He Never Calls- If you find yourself searching for signs he doesn’t care while you’re awaiting a phone call from your man that’s a pretty obvious sign that he doesn’t care about you. A man in love will chase the object of his desire. If you find yourself playing Huntress then you should see that for what it is. He never he calls you because he doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t FaceTime either. He is blowing you off and you know that to be true. So, he’s not into you. And here you sit.

Rather than live in wonder you should ask your partner if he cares about you. Often, once a man realizes you might be checking out, he’ll realize what you’re worth. Give him a chance to prove how he feels about you and stop searching for the signs. Actions speak much louder.

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