Unlike any other exercise, nobody can show you the right way to do Kegels. Practiced to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, Kegels can put an end to embarrassing incontinence, and speed muscle recovery after childbirth. Kegels can be done anywhere at anytime and nobody has to know that you’re hard at work, tightening up the ship down below. Here’s how to do them effectively so you’ll feel the results.

Find Your Muscle

There’s no sense doing a Kegel f you’re not hitting the right spot. To discover exactly where your muscles are you should insert one or two fingers into your vagina and gently contract until you feel tightness around your finger. These are the right muscles. Now you can remove your finger and practice the same contraction with confidence.


After doing a Kegel contraction you need to relax in between. The key to Kegels done right is the repeated movement of contraction and relaxing.

Change it Up

Don’t let your Kegel routine get boring. Your muscles will soon become used to the contraction and they will no longer be as effective. Alternate between 10 seconds of contractions and 10 seconds of relaxation, and then take follow with 15 seconds intervals and then drop it to 2. Trick your pelvic muscle so that it won’t get used to the same movements.

Do Them

There’s no sense in starting any exercise routine if you don’t plan on sticking with it. If you want results you need to put in the work. Do your Kegels every day and slowly changes will begin to happen. Incontinence can be resolved, and your partner will also enjoy the perks of your hard work.

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