You thought he was perfect. Up until his idea of a date turned into a nice table setting, without the candles or the wine. No, he wasn’t being cheap. He just doesn’t get the concept of romance. And now that you’re seriously into the next phase of your dating, you’re destined to get less and less, until you tell him you need more. Here are a few tips for successfully changing your man to be romantic, or growing the bone, so to speak. It can be done and it’s never too late. Try this before you check out.

Tips for Making Him More Romantic

Women love romance and some men appreciate it too. Unfortunately, their ideas may differ drastically from yours. Perhaps he’s nervous around you or afraid to show his vulnerable side. Or, maybe he came out of an unrequited love relationship and no longer believes in showering his woman with her worthy attention and praise. So, he needs a few clues.You can help him get in the mood and entice him to step things up a little in the love department with the following tips.

  1. Communication. This is the first place to start. You’ll need to express your needs to your partner and clearly tell him what you want and need. Be careful not to criticize him as that will only crush his ego as you’re laying down the conversation and letting him know he’s falling short. Instead, tell him the things you appreciate, and that you want to bring more intimacy into the relationship.
  2. What does it mean? Next, you need to be open and honest about what romance means to you. Spell it out for him. As much as your partner loves you he might have zero idea what constitutes a woman feeling like a woman.If this is a rose-filled bath or soft music and a candlelit dinner, throw the ideas out there so he can begin planning what he needs to do to make you feel satisfied.
  3. Lead by example: Don’t talk it if you can’t walk it. Let your man know you’re willing to go the romantic mile and be the first to initiate those extra cuddles or love notes on the fridge. Once he sees your displays of affection he’ll follow suit and try to return the romantic notions.
  4. Switch it up: Don’t put all the romantic planning on your man. Instead, suggest taking turns on date planning and make sure the activities that you choose speak to his heart as well. A man will soon become smitten and eager to please when he sees you’re putting his pleasure on the same level as your own.
  5. Don’t have expectations: You should always feel valued and respected, but don’t ever turn into that crappy princess pillow girlfriend who becomes demanding and nitpicks at each of his shortcomings. Give your man a break if you see even the slightest of improvement. Instead, let him know how much you value his efforts to increase the excitement, and keep things going strong through constant affirmations.


Finding love is luck. Keeping it alive is work. If your man needs to amp up the romance in your relationship, it’s best you talk things out before throwing in the towel. While there are plenty of fish in the sea, understand that one man’s weakness is another man’s strength. So he forgot the flowers. Again. But he sure gives you a relaxing back massage every night, doesn’t he? Learn to take the good with the bad and focus on the positive things he does bring to you. Perhaps that’s all he has to offer. It’s up to you to determine if that’s enough. And if it is, stop looking at the greener grass.



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