This is a true and personal testament of the eyelash extension journey that I bravely took for womankind.

Diary of my Beaten Lash


After modeling for a set of eyelash extensions at Moore Beauty, I decided to trash the hell out of them just to see what would happen. Here’s what you can expect.

How to Lose Your Fake Lashes Fast (3 Days Max)

It’s not that I didn’t love them. Of course, I did. I’m just the type of person that can’t leave well enough alone and then once something goes wrong I tend to push the envelope just to see what happens next. My lashes were utterly abused by me, and this is how. Yes, I feel ashamed. Terribly so.

Day One

You aren’t supposed to use an oil-based cleanser when you wear extensions because the oil will break down the glue. We’ll see about that. I used a facial cleansing oil to wipe my Kat Von D liner off because when it comes to swiping off a thick cat eye, nothing quite works better for me. I was (somewhat) careful and used a Q-Tip, but in the end, I was still walking a thin line right across my lashline. It was daring.

Day One- Part Two

After cleansing my eyelid with oil I decided I had to get my lashes wet. You’re not supposed to do that for at least 24-48 hours until the glue is fully cured. So I screwed that up and did it anyway just to see. I mean, water? Really? Splash away, I did. And then I got ready for bed and couldn’t wait to rest my head on my pillow with my freshly washed face, which still smelled of the gorgeous plumeria oil I used right before. Naughty.

Day Two- Early Morning Hours

I’m a stomach sleeper. I don’t think this will ever change regardless of my lashes. Now, in all fairness, I do sleep on a silk pillowcase so that will help the smooshing and the breaking of my eyelash extensions, as well as prevent wrinkles and tangled hair. Which let’s be honest, don’t matter much when your lashes look perfect. Alas, I spin around in bed and sleep sideways and stuff. I am absolutely certain my lashes were faceplanted all night.

Results- Day Two- Regular Morning Hours

This is where the fun began. I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and used my spoolie to lightly brush my battered lashes back into shape. And there they went. Two here, three there. Four over there. Five. My lashes were falling out fast. I wondered how bad things could really get, so I repeated all the above throughout all of day two.

Day 3- Lashful Farewell

Again, the mirror does not lie. My once full, voluminous and sexy lashes had taken a turn for the worse, and I watched them fall as my spoolie sadly swept them away.

That was all she wrote.

Except, I was left with one dilemma. How on earth could I ever leave the house with such sparse lashes? Some were long and my natural lashes were desperately short. It was an unsightly pairing. I had no choice but to grab the scissors. I trimmed them as best I could and went off to work. Later, I booked a new eyelash appointment.

That’s when Andrea our lash guru asked, “Did you cut your lashes?”

Ummm…Long story.

In Conclusion

I tried these 5 ways to lose your lash extensions for a research-based article. And let me tell you, they all work.

Take care of yours better, I know I will. (Except for that whole pillow part.)

Contact Moore Beauty today if you need to fix your ways!



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